Trial Related Material

Bulletin Insert - June 2011 [PDF]

*United Methodist Church: Vision vs. Reality (PDF)

Worship Liturgies

The Stones Will Cry Out (article about Rev. Amy and potential trial)

A Time to Advance or Retreat (article - history and present choices)

The Last United Methodist Church Trial (article)

Being on a Church Trial Jury (1 page review)

On Thundering Wings: Homosexuality, Love and the Church on Trial (book about Greg Dell Trial)
Help get this book to the 2012 General Conference Delegates. Support the Book Fund.

Adam's Gift: A Memoir of a Pastor's Calling to Defy the Church's Persecution of Lesbians and Gays (book by Jimmy Creech)

Previous Trial Reports from
     Rose Mary Denman and Jimmy Creech
          Jimmy Creech response to the Judicial Charge
     Greg Dell, Mark Williams, and Karen Dammann

     Beth Stroud

Trial in South Africa

Our Nation of Weeping Executioners

Change the Discipline Resources

Heterosexism/Homophobia Material

Heterosexism/Homophobia Brochure (PDF)
United Nations Resolution
Kenya's Chief Justice: "Gay Rights Are Human Rights"

Words of Support

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Committe on Investigation Vigil

Rev. Dr. Joretta Marshall


Bishop John Shelby Spong

Rev. Dr. Dwight Vogel
More videos on the way
Rev. Dr. Tex Sample

Jimmy Creech

  Rev. Dr. Melanie S. Morrison Rev. Troy Plummer and
     Deaconess Rachel Harvey