Best Match For Taurus Woman – Taurus- Virgo Love and Relationship Compatibility

The best matches for a Taurus woman has to be Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, and Virgo. Taurus is an earthy sign that gives the practical attitude towards life. She may be slow in action but she is a consistent and efficient performer who will never switch into a shortcut and flexible way to success.

Venus is her planetary ruler who gives her an eye to appreciate beauty and art. Completely unaware of her romantic nature she remains humble and large-hearted and turns on loyalty and genuine emotion. For a Taurean female Pisces, Libra and Gemini partners are variable. For adventure and a perfect family life men of these zodiacs may allure the bull with the horns and present a surprisingly romantic relationship.

Best Matches for Taurus woman

Taurus-Capricorn will make a power pact combination. Driven by ambition the duo will turn all the stones into gold by their sheer hard-work and patience. Both are formal and conservative in nature who prefers to remain grounded than daydreaming. The possessive and domestic Capricorn will provide a comfortable life to the Taurean. Bedtime is not so passionate for these achievers. A beautiful relationship awaits for this couple.

Taurus-Scorpio pair is the best example of opposite attracts. The lusty Scorpio will find a best bed mate in the possessive and surrendering Taurus.

Both are level-headed and work for monetary satisfaction. The loyal bull will never dump her sensual lover who will constantly supply energy and motivate for success.

Taurus and Cancer pair though has many opposite qualities but the need of comfort and love of the bull will attract him to a Cancerean male. Both are family oriented individuals who choose to stay back in home than going whirl-wind. Behind the closed doors they share some genuine love moments.

Taurus- Virgo Love and Relationship Compatibility Revealed

Completely made for each other! The duo will have a great time in discussing their family matters, gardening and office culture. Ms. Taurean will simply appreciate the non-extravagant and politeness of her lover. They will crave for each other’s company as both are practical yet nurturing.

The slow and generous Taurean lady may be an alarming to the critical Virgo. What she needs is bodily comfort, delicious food and soft clothes. A considerate, methodical and tidy Virgo male will shower her with all these necessities. The best thing is to stimulate her nerves by wearing red clothes, mild perfumes and offering a ride in a lush green field.