How to find the girl of your dreams?

If you want to find the best girlfriend for yourself, you need to first determine what your type is. Otherwise, you’ll be groping in the dark. And not that groping isn’t that fun, but you need to know where you are groping to.

What to do?

First, some porn videos with various types of girls, like redhead pornstars, ebony bombshells, blondes, fit or BBW. Whenever you’ve found something that you like a lot, watch a bit more films in this niche.

Second, get on Reddit and talk about different types of women and porn. Think about what you like most in those vids. Maybe, it’s BDSM or DP.

Third, hook up with some cam girls.

This is totally safe and you don’t have to go anywhere. Just switch on the cam on your computer and chat/masturbate with some damsels from anywhere around the world.

So, as can see, in order to define your type, your actually need to take steps, as opposed to just sitting on your hands and waiting for her to come your way. Once you’ve found the type you like most, it’ll become easier to meet up with potentials via Tinder or similar apps full of willing women near you.